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various: the perfumed garden €24,99   |    Buy

Format: 5  CD | Genre: Psychedelic | Status: In stock | Label: Past and Present | Ref.: PAPRBOX7

  • 5CD box set with booklet
  • Reissue of the 3 original albums plus 2 newly-compiled volumes of British psych
  • Each CD housed in its own card wallet
  • Featuring the original artwork plus 2 original designs
  • 5 CD clamshell
  • 52-page full colour booklet containing rare photos and notes on each artist

Named in honour of John Peel’s 1967 late-night programme on pirate radio station Radio London, which Peel named after a 13th century Arabic sex manual, the original 3 volumes of Past & Present’s The Perfumed Garden, which many affianados felt set the bencmark for future compilations, were applauded for the quality of both the content and the sound, but these acolades were often undermined by the lack of information about the tracks and the artists who performed them. This repackaged version of the first 3 volumes, plus 2 additional volumes compiled by a leading expert on British psychedelia, contains a scholarly and informative 52 page booklet complete with rare photographs an exhaustive liner notes. This is full-on UK garage rock and psychedelia and every track’s a winner. Great sound coupled and 82 fantastic tracks over 5 CDs, 3 featuring the original artwork and the additional discs boasting new artwork newly-commissioned for this superb box set.

Track listing:

  • Volume 1
    • Factory/Try A Little Sunshine
    • Eyes/You're Too Much
    • Syn/Grounded
    • Nimrod/The Bird
    • Smoke /Sydney Gill
    • Birds/No Good Without You Baby
    • Shy Limbs/Reputation
    • Game/It's Shocking What They Call Me
    • Frame/Doctor Doctor
    • Mandrake Paddle Steamer/Strange Walking Man
    • French Revolution/Nine Til Five
    • Vamp/Floatin'
    • Syndicates/Crawdaddy Simone
    • Sands/Listen To The Sky
    • Tintern Abbey/Vacuum Cleaner
    • The Craig/I Must Be Mad
    • Open Mind/Magic Potion
  • Volume 2
    • Kult/No Home Today
    • Eyes/When The Night Falls
    • Poets/Baby Don't You Do It
    • Ace Kefford Stand/For Your Love
    • Rupert's People/Reflections Of Charles Brown
    • Thane Russal & Three/Security
    • Deviants/I'm Coming Home
    • Fleur-De-Lys/Liar
    • Kult/Mister Number One
    • In-Be-Tweens/You Better Run
    • Uglies/I See The Light
    • Glen Athens & The Trojans/Let Me Show You How
    • Gary Leeds & Rain/Francis
    • Les Goths/Turn Over
    • Drag Set/Day & Night
    • Fleur-De-Lys/Mud In Your Eye
    • Accent/Red Sky At Night
  • Volume 3
    • Longboatmen/Take Her Anytime
    • Miller/Baby I Got News For You (Oak Version)
    • Les Goths/Out Of The Sun
    • Shyster/Tick Tock
    • Majority One/Get Back Home
    • Groundhogs/Sad Go Round
    • Herbal Mixture/Please Leave My Mind
    • Pete Sully & The Orchard/Evil Woman
    • Adams Recital/No Place For The Lonely People
    • Cedars/For Your Information
    • Wolves/Lust For Life
    • Actress/It's What You Give
    • Reign/Line Of Least Resistance
    • Barry Mason/Over The Hills
    • Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup/Which Dreamed It
    • Andwella's Dream/Felix
    • Serendipity/Through With You
    • Rupert's People/Hold On
  • Volume 4
    • Flies/Magic Train (Demo version)
    • Joint/Dinosaur
    • Blonde On Blonde/Spinning Wheel
    • Magic Mixture/When I was Young
    • Tucky Buzzard/Time Will Be Your Doctor
    • Timebox/Barnabus Swain
    • Simon’s Secret/I Know What Her Name Is
    • Please/The Road
    • Orang Utan/Magic Playground
    • Arcadium/Poor Lady
    • Flaming Youth/Pulsar
    • Monument/Give Me Life
    • Five Day Week/Straw People/Does It Rain
    • John McLaughlin/Siren
    • Animals/Gratefully Dead
    • Arzachel/Leg
    • Deviants/Jamie’s Song
  • Volume 5
    • July/The Way (long version)
    • Pacific Drift/Feelin’ Free
    • Camel/Where is My Mind (UK psych/rock outfit - NOT THE ANDY LATIMER BAND)
    • Bulldog Breed/I Flew
    • Wynder K Frog/Eddie’s Tune
    • Aynsley Dunbar/Warning
    • Will Malone/Love in the Afternoon
    • Dear Mr Time/Your Country Needs You?
    • Complex/Self Declaration
    • Twink/Fluid
    • Eyes Of Blue/Crossroads Of Time
    • Dogfeet/Mr Sunshine
    • Bram Stoker/Extensive Corrosion

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