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amazing blondel: and a few faces €7,89

Format: CD | Genre: Progressive | Status: Backorder | Label: Prog Temple | Ref.: PTCD8008

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This great UK folk band made by John Gladwin and Terry Wincott shortly after heavy rockers Methuselah disintegrated in 1969. They recorded their first album "The Amazing Blondel And A Few Faces" in 1970, "Fantasia Lindum" in 1971, "England" in 1972 and "Blondel" in 1973. The resurfaced in the 90s with "A Foreign Field That Is Forever England - Live".

While they play a multitude of medieval and Elizabethan instruments in their following albums, their debut has a more stripped-down sound.

Track Listing:

  1. Saxon Lady 3:10
  2. Bethel Town Mission 3:15
  3. Season Of The Year 2:46
  4. Canaan 3:50
  5. Shepherd's Song 6:14
  6. You Don't Want My Love 3:59
  7. Love Sonnet 4:08
  8. Spanish Lace 2:46
  9. Minstrel's Song 5:34
  10. Bastard Love 4:10

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