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free will: the tony caputo tapes 1971 €27,87

Format: 2  LP | Genre: | Status: Backorder | Label: Akarma | Ref.: GRL303_2

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  • gatefold

During 1971 Free Will recorded 3 tapes at Dorothy St. Syracuse, New York which were produced by Tony Caputo. This compilation represents the best versions of each song from those tapes.

Ever wonder what this legendary psychedelic band from upstate New York sounded like before RCA got a hold of them? These are the original 4-track demos that led to the 'Whiskey Woman' album. It also includes many songs from the era, that never made it to record.

Track listing:

  • A1 Treat You Right 3:17
  • A2 Carry Me Home - Take 1# 6:10
  • A3 Can't Judge What You Missed 3:47
  • A4 Someplace Is Something 3:39
  • B1 Walk On 3:01
  • B2 I'll Be On My Way - Take 1# 3:28
  • B3 Get That Shining Sun 3:17
  • B4 Candy Man 4:07
  • C1 Fool For You 5:52
  • C2 Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 3:55
  • C3 Saying It Is Easy 3:09
  • C4 Ramblin' 3:11
  • C5 Whiskey Woman 4:40
  • D1 I'll Be On My Way - Take 2# 6:40
  • D2 Carry My Home - Take 2# 6:01
  • D3 Not Fade Away 2:43
  • D4 Stop Your Children 4:07
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